Product information "Tonino"

Roast Color Measurement, simple, tiny, and affordable.

Can show readings in Agtron using the Tonino app.

Included items

  • Tonino roast color meter
  • Micro-USB cable, ~0.3m
  • Wireless charging base
  • Calibration set


Required accessory (not included)

  • USB Power supply (e.g. PC, Laptop, USB-hub, USB power adapter)
  • Standard espresso basket and tamper
  • 20g fine ground coffee




Technical data

Measurement principle Polychromatic reflection
Sensor True Color 64-channel photo detector
Illumination source 4 full-spectrum white LEDs
Observed surface area 5.3cm2
Sample size ca. 7-14g fine ground coffee (300-500µm)
Display OLED color display, 0.96"
Default range 50-130
Time per measurement 2 seconds
Measuring precision ±2 scale divisions
Foreign light influence None
Data interface RS232 serial via USB
Power supply Micro USB
Power consumption 0.25-18mA
Dimensions 4.7cm x 3.8cm x 4.3cm
Weight 50g