Product information "Colino"

The Colino kit is designed for grading green coffee by bean size. Usually, samples of 100-300g are sieved to determine its size distribution. Grade 18 beans (e.g. Kenya AA) will pass through a sieve with 18/64" diameter holes, but are retained by the next smaller sieve. Even-numbered screens are used for Arabicas, and odd-numbered screens are used for Robustas. Peaberries are sorted using slotted sieves.

Key Benefits

  • easy to assemble: building your Colino
  • stackable: using your Colino
  • standards compliant: industry standard hole sizes in 1/64" increments
  • precise: laser cut with 0.02mm tolerance
  • fast: comprehensive hole coverage in minimal distance
  • portable: all parts fit into the included box (total weight: 850g)
  • biodegradable and emission free: made purely from Kraftplex; 100% cellulose from sustainably cultivated stocks of softwood (FSC certified)

Included Items

  • 5 standard screen plates at the sizes 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 (in 1/64")
  • 2 bottom plates
  • 7x4 border parts to assemble all 5 screens and the two bottom collection pans (pre Dec. 2020: 5x4 border parts)
  • storage box


  • screen plate: 17,2cm x 16,4cm x 0,1cm (15-20g)
  • bottom plate: 17,2cm x 16,4cm x 0,1cm (32g)
  • assembled screen: 17,4cm x 17,1cm x 3,6cm (ca. 100g)
  • assembled bottom pan: 17,4cm x 17,1cm x 3,6cm (115g)
  • storage box: 18,7cm x 17,8cm x 3cm (300g)